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I'm feeling a bit envious of all the Spotify Wrapped summaries.

I share my account with our 25yo son. I listen to a wide variety of stuff a few times, while he has a smaller set of favourites/playlists which he plays A LOT.

So, my 'most listened to song' this year is, apparently, 'Fire Escape' by Call Me Karizma (which I just took a first listen to - not bad!)

But he (rather than me!) has got 'Jackie Down the Line' by Fontaines D.C. sitting at #4, so at least I'm still managing to hold some influence!

Tim - challenge69.substack.com

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Thanks for the mention/signal boost!

I didn't see the artists' messages in my wrapped, but that looks pretty cool. I'd like to see that rolled out wider. My #1 was Teenage Fanclub's "Is This Music?" It's a great song, but I'm surprised it topped the list.

P.S. I'd totally come to Stygifest! Any show where Fog Chaser and the Notorious B.I.G. are sharing a stage is one I want to be at. :)

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My number one for 2022 was Wilder Days by Morgan Wade. Didn't get the interviews and podcasts with my top artists this year like I did last year. A bit disappointing really. So much to listen to. My current listen (outside of Discover Weekly and New Releases) is the Radio Veronica Top 1500. I'm up to about 175 so far :) Radio Veronica was my happy place in Holland when I was a kid.

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I love Lovelee Dae! ❤️

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