It was very tough picking between #1 and #5 but I ended up going with the crunchiness of Slothrust. Great song!

My SW said I was a Hypnotist - “Your concentration is absolute friend. You like to play albums all the way through, from the opening track to the final note.” That’s absolutely true. I’m unabashedly an album guy, probably always will be.

My top artists in 2023 were:

(1) Arlo Parks (mistake - I left her album playing on repeat overnight by mistake)

(2) Meg Baird (one of my top 30 albums of the year)

(3) Will Johnson (in my top 10 this year)

(4) The Cure (prepping for their concert in June)

(5) Gaz Coombes (another top album this year)

All in all, kinda accurate, but also not really. Interesting though.

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Are you going to do your wins for 2023? I found your 2022 list very inspirational!

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Same thing with mine! Very focused on the beginning of the year - not really the last half at all. But hey, thank you for listening to my music at all - it means so much to me.

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My SW said I was an “alchemist.” For the most part, I think mine got it right except for...my most played song. It says it’s “Save It For Later” by The English Beat, which, ok, but I know there’s tracks I listened to a LOT more than that.

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